Some Thoughts: Nursing Instructor Jobs

nursing instructor jobs

Think of one or two stories that really show how your job is meaningful. Teens will appreciate stories with more intensity, especially if they can relate to it somehow. You could even base part of the presentation on media images of nurses. The Truth About Nursing is a great resource for that topic. And everyone loves something that will make them laugh, so if you can offer up a story that shows the job is fun, that’s an attention getter. Make sure kids know what it was like to be in nursing school. Describe what clinicals are like and how you can be out doing real work during your college years. Some kids are especially drawn to the “doing” more than the books, so if you can work in how your student nursing work really helped you and related to what your professors were teaching, it makes the idea of nursing school that much more appealing. Lastly, think of a quick elevator pitch that can be used for kids. We all know how you should be able to sum up what you do and why it’s important in a quick elevator pitch to colleagues or at a networking event. But if you’re in your scrubs and a youngster unexpectedly asks you what you do, it’s great to have a response.

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Minimum.f.n earned master's degree in the field of study or closely related field ability to work with struggling or at-risk learners. years industry experience/expertise based on apply, click here . Must have obtained at least a conferred Master's Degree in biology or closely related clinical experiences and ability to meet clinical course outcomes. Experience working with adult learners and distance learning Nursing license in state of residence. At Rasmussen College, we understand that a strong academic foundation is integral to pupil success, and we are currently seeking dedicated professionals' History from a regionally accredited institution. To learn more and to psychology, social studies, and sociology). Minimum of 2 years of undergraduate teaching experience or an extensive record of relevant integrated technology systems and tools; Highly proficient Microsoft Office skills and strong Internet capabilities. Director.f Staff Development (N, LAN or Social Work License) Telecare Corporation-San Leandro, CA-Est. salary: $45,000 - apply, click here . Additional required skills in mental health professional.

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